As a feminist and article writer, I find the need to be up to date on what’s happening around the world. But let’s be real. As a person, I love reading about mindless things and taking really bizarre quizzes to find out what’s my meme spirit animal. You know. Normal Friday night. I personally scoured the internet to find the best news sources that not only provided good, original and well curated content, but that also kept me up to date on the feminist-scene and other women empowerment related news. And now, after timeless effort, SHEVA presents the top 5 feminist approved news sources (plus one!)

1. BuzzFeed


With over 5 million likes in Facebook, Buzzfeed is an all-time favorite for entertainment, random facts and 100% accurate quizzes that can tell you who you should date just by knowing your favorite color (science!). Besides being an excellent form of distraction and never ending scroll-fest, Buzzfeed is not afraid to bring women to the frontline and talk about it. They discuss things such as women’s body types across the ages or make small skits such as Am I a Bad Feminist? (Worth watching!)

You know you want more fun: