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We harness the power of people and companies to empower girls and women.
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Partners on the Ground

Iconic Alliances


SHEVA leads the Lean In Circle chapter in Guatemala. Lean in circles are small groups of women who work and women entrepreneurs that meet meet regularly to learn and grow together through sharing best practices, personal experiences, and encouraging each other.

Marisabel Ruiz, SHEVA’s Founder, is  WED’s Ambassador in Guatemala. WED is a community of women entrepreneurs in effort to award and connect talented women living in the country. Sheva has been the official organizer of WED for two consecutive years, and every year 10 talented entrepreneurs are awarded for their projects and are matched with a mentor who helps them scale their businesses. Also, the winners get press support from more than 10 media sponsors, who promote their projects in their platforms.

SHEVA partnered with Guatemala.com, the largest media platform in Guatemala, to create an informative platform to provide curated content to guide users to learn about Technology, Mobile Apps, Universities, Culture, Arts, and much more, in an easy-to-follow format. The platform’s mission is to provide information to aid in the education, professional growth, and careers of millions of people living in Guatemala.