The global attitude towards sex has shifted significantly through the years. We are now able to talk openly and discuss things that were considered unmentionable a few decades before. The 21st century is all about the humping and we love it. Yet, even though we have progressed in our attitude towards sex, there are still age-old concepts surrounding sex we have yet to debunk. Amongst them: virginity. What is virginity? Virginity is the state of a person who has never had sexual intercourse. Sounds simple enough. Let us debunk myths surrounding virginity, SHEVA style.


1. Popping the cherry!

Hymens can’t in fact be ‘popped’. A hymen is a membrane inside your vagina that has an opening. That is why girls menstruate, because the hymen allows space for fluids to flow. Your vagina is NOT blocked by a thin membrane like a jar. Some hymens don’t rip during sex. In fact, doing certain exercises or physical activities can tear the hymen and make it look as if you’ve had sex. Yikes. You don’t ‘lose’ your hymen either. It just stretches. So ‘losing’ your virginity is flawed. You just stretch your insides.