Whether you’re all bundled up atop some frigid mountaintop somewhere in Idaho or sunning yourself among palm trees on the black sandy beaches of Guatemala longing for a white Christmas– this time of year can get pretty depressing. Perhaps it’s the fact that the sun is so terribly far away, setting low in the early twilight sky at some God-forsaken early hour. We poor souls of the Northern Hemisphere feel forgotten and cry into our figgy puddings and long for warmer, less sentimental days. In other words, we get the blues, my friends, and the only way out of the blues, besides a nice shot of dark whiskey (drinking hard liquor is NOT a solution to your problems), is to, in the words of Johnny Cash, ‘get a rhythm’ and dive into a pool of cool, beautiful music.

Music heals – science and, I’m sure, your own experiences have proven this glorious fact. There’s no better cure for a forgotten heart and chilled bones than empathetic voices and schmoozy, warm chords. Indulge your inner diva and belt with fellow women that just “get it”. Wail with the chilly vibratos and fall in love with the dark and mysterious minor chords that seem to linger in the frigid air of your otherwise disappointing season.

The following 10 Female Vocalists can only be described as the long awaited fire in your fireplace– radiating with strength, passion and fervor and melting the icicles from your frosty spirit. Voices so radiant that they beckon the sun to shine and the snow to sparkle. Voices that just… get it.


Lucky for you, I’ve also attached a couple of songs for your immediate defrostment. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Press play and melt those blues away …

1. Ella Fitzgerald

Classic. Sometimes I just close my eyes and sway– and then a riff comes along and I punch my fist in the air.

Cry Me a River is my song, but I’m giving you a little raft to come along.

Cry Me a River