Literature is a beautiful subject. It is the recollection of human thought all written down for us to relive again and again. There are many great authors. There is Shakespeare, Cervantes, Stephen King, or Neil Gaiman. But wait, isn’t there something funny about this list? Notice how they are all male. Sadly, when thinking of influential characters we tend to remember male figures before female. But SHEVA is here to change this by creating the ultimate female author list.


1. Charlotte Brontë

Make way to the early feminists, because Charlotte Brontë is about to give us a lifelong lesson. Born in 1816, Brontë didn’t exactly live in a golden time for women. The National Woman’s Suffrage started in 1869, so there were no voting rights for women through her lifetime. Also, women were not educated the same way men were. Women were expected to stay at home and tend to the household. But this cultural expectation didn’t stop Charlotte. She ended up writing one of the most influential novels in literature history: Jane Eyre. In it, she talks about coming of age, love, and the will of a young woman against all social expectations. Jane Eyre is all about women and them finding themselves. Oh, by the way, there’s a film adaptation with Michael Fassbender, so there’s that.