Marisabel Ruiz,
Marisabel Ruiz,President & Founder
Searches to connect and find solutions for opportunities that keep her dancing everyday.
Marianella Morales,
Marianella Morales,Technology Director
Writes in a backend language, by nature, to reach the entire world with one click.
Katia Cerwin,
Katia Cerwin,Creative Director
Creates and designs all things that appeal
to the six senses.
Luis Rodríguez,
Luis Rodríguez,Impact Manager
Distributes knowledge to encourage a boost
with a ripple effect.
Cynthia Fuentes,
Cynthia Fuentes,Project Manager
Builds relationships with human beings to join efforts into making a lasting change.
Maria Ines Garcia-Gallont,
Maria Ines Garcia-Gallont,Operations Consultant
Analyzes processes that excel beyond regular
Rafael Ventura,
Rafael Ventura,Finance Manager
Calculates the outcomes of numbers that are changing for the better.

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