Axe doesn’t make me think of hot guys. No way. After recess in middle school, I would fear entering my classroom knowing my male classmates were going to drown themselves in Chocolate Axe in order to hide their puberty smell. It didn’t work. In fact, my older brother would torment me by running after me with a can of Axe Body Spray threatening to spray me.

Needless to say, Axe has never been on my “I SUPPORT THIS PRODUCT” list. Far from it.

“If anyone has seen the movie Perfume we know how this ad really ends.”

In fact, this is something most people don’t know ,but Dove and Axe are owned by the same company. Let that sink in for a moment. The same brand that talks about Real Beauty is sister to the company that makes women fall from the sky for a guy. Yes, that my friend, is the smell of hypocrisy. You can imagine how I became one of those annoying people that would wrinkle their nose at the smell of human disappointment (AKA Axe).

But today I am not here to discuss how much I hate Axe. I am actually here to applaud Axe, because they finally stopped using the “bro, wanna get titties?” approach and are now using a more realistic and totally badass approach to the new generation of men. They have finally stopped reducing masculinity to a ‘how many girls can I get’ competition to: what’s your magic? They even use the word magic. HOW AWESOME IS THAT.

“Warning: Axe talks about heels in an empowering way and it’s beautiful.”

I might not be a fan of how Axe smells, but this commercial I will endorse until the end of times as an example of: HOW TO REVOLUTIONIZE YOUR BRAND AND BE BAMF ABOUT IT. The beginning of the video is a contradiction to everything they’ve ever communicated before: “Come on, a six pack? Who needs a six pack, when you’ve got the nose.” I literally melted and died a little and developed a crush on every single guy in the commercial. Why? Because they’re all regular guys that actually set reachable standards for men.

Axe has just created the ultimate feminist commercial. Why feminist? Because feminism is all about breaking the gender norms, be it female or male. It’s about broadening opportunities regardless of gender. Axe made one of the most inclusive commercials since a very long time. I mean, come on. It’s the full package. Non-traditional beauty standards, heels, nerds, weird suits and kittens. God damn, I’ve seen this ad so many times I could quote it.

Masculinity is no longer a recipe you can list. It’s a personal term each and every individual develops in their own way. Welcome to 2016, it’s a pleasure to see that more people are starting to understand how diverse identity can be.

Axe found its magic. And I hope it keeps spreading the magic.