Why am I always craving chocolate around my period?

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    I want chocolate everyday while i’m on my period. Why?

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    Changes in your hormonal levels affect almost everything your body does, including your digestion! When this happens, your stress hormone called cortisol increases heavily, and the hormone that makes you feel food called serotonin lowers. When you crave sugar and fat during your period, your body is simply trying to boost your serotonin levels and lower the production of cortisol. Once your craving has been fulfilled, you feel happier and relaxed, right?

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    Your hormones are to blame for your desire for fried food or candy in the days before your period. During this time, the pesky stress hormone cortisol spikes, and the feel-good hormone serotonin dips. This fluctuation makes your body crave foods with lots of sugar and fat because they boost levels of serotonin and combat cortisol production, making you feel happier and more relaxed. That is, until you crash and need another sugary or fatty snack

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    You specifically crave chocolate because of the iron lost you are having with your period and that’s the way your body tells you it needs to replace it 🙂

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