Tips to become a better public speaker?

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    Tips? Pls 🙂

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    What has worked for me is just ignore that there’s people in front of me, I just ignore them, close my eyes and pretend if im just talking to myself. It’s not like I’m a great public speaker but I think I do it well enough and most importantly I’ve overcome my fear of public speaking.

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    Some tips I’ve heard about are:
    1. Be prepared, you don’t have anything to be worried about if you know what you’re talking about.
    2. Look forward (literally), concentrate on the back rows, where you can only see the heads and not the faces.
    3. Be a good actor, act confident! (sometimes you are super scared, but acting like you’re confident might make you feel confident, and this ways others will also believe it 😉 ).

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    I agree with Stephanie about acting confident! Looking at people straight to their eyes, helps get their attention and feel like you are totally in control. Also bring flashcards, or small well-looking papers with key words just so you won’t forget. Try to practice in front of a mirror. And also try to move, and walk around. Don’t walk too fast, but try to move a little bit just so people won’t get bored.

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    1. Prioritize preparation. 2. Make peace with quiet. “To calm one’s nerves, get comfortable with not speaking,”. 3. Embody energy. 4.Engage in eye contact. 5.Turn to TED. Watch some of the highest-rated TED talks and learn from the way the speakers handle themselves, advises Eblin

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