Yesterday, November 19th, we celebrated Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED). A day declared (by the United Nations) to honor, support and empower female entrepreneurs around the world.

This year, our very own Marisabel Ruiz is Guatemala’s WED Ambassador. And as SHEVA, we were all proud to be part of making this awesome day happen. As part of the day’s events, 10 women entrepreneurs were selected to receive a recognition for their entrepreneurial spirit and the amazing work they are doing.

And these kick ass women are:

Arianne Engelberg

The New Denim Project dedicates its time to create yarns and fabrics made of a unique blend of 100% natural cotton with upcycled pre-consumer denim waste.

Lucia Barrios

Mister Menú is an online directory of restaurants in Guatemala in which the user can also find recommendations from other users on where and what to eat.

Maria Kalschmitt

Zen Interactive Media is a digital agency dedicated to supporting brands have an online presence, and add valuable content to worldwide conversations.

Andrea Pinto Garaki

Garaki is an architecture studio focused on comercial design with a mission to connect the owners ideals with the brands personality in other for the buyer to participate in a unique experience.

Maria Lia de Tezanos

Go Pets is an online platform catering pet lovers by delivering their monthly pets food and perks, plus it is a directory of animal shelters for people to adopt.

Debora Fadul

Chef de Mon Coeur is a personalized service of catering with exclusive menus and provides fresh ingredients with artisanal methods.

Alessandra Robles WED

Alessa Designs is a brand of fine jewelry uniquely created with diamonds, precious gems and noble materials.

Renate Krings

Wanderlust is an online platform that works as a bridge to connect artisans with consumers in order to create one of a kind shoes and accessories.

Ana Maria Eskenasy

Nico y Mia is an educational game aimed at 5-10 year olds with a mission to encourage them to explore the world.

Ana Ulloa

Aluro Capital is a platform dedicated to preparing entrepreneurs to be structurally ready for individuals or banks to invest in their companies.

As part of the recognition, these women received some pretty spectacular benefits to empower them and their business, which include media coverage with local tv shows and radio, participate in a mentorship program with MicroMentors and joined the WED Networking platform.

Thanks to all our sponsors for making this AweInspiring event happen.

Women entrepreneurship day Guatemala |

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Women Entrepreneurship Day Guatemala |

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