It had been three years since I visited my gynecologist. The last time (and first time I had ever been there) I was too nervous about the…you know…physical examination. The idea that an older man would get right in there and check out my state of affairs was terrifying. I had been neglecting my vagina.


After a slight vaginal imbalance I convinced myself that it was time to go back. So this year, I made an appointment for the next day and decided to be more relaxed about the probing around. I shrugged off the anxiety that had been building over this time and just went for it.

After a gentle scorn from the doctor about how much time I had let pass between Pap Tests; I felt slightly more comfortable. He was right. This is a health issue. Prevention is key. I scolded myself a little for being too relaxed about the matter. Taking care of my vagina and getting a regular checkup is as important as eating a good diet, or putting SPF daily, or getting enough sleep.

As I laid there, all spread out, I reminded myself of how many vaginas this Doctor had seen before mine and tried to relax even more. I found it amusing how this very same ObyGyn aided in my birth and 25 years later, was now checking out my own baby maker.

Turns out, the examination was thorough, and everything is normal. It was not as bad as I thought it would be and I have made it my personal obligation to get these checkups once a year, at least. I had been making this big fuss out of nothing and probably endangering my vaginal and reproductive health.

If you are a woman that is responsible enough to go to the gynecologist at least once every year, I applaud you!

If you have been like me and decided to skip a year (or two, or three) I will urge you to make an appointment NOW. It’s not as bad as we might imagine, and it is more important than we think.

Vagina, I’m sorry I neglected your care for so long. I value you and will take care of you. I will not let this happen again.