I’m not a dermatologist nor have I any medical authority to give out guaranteed skin care results. Still, I have always been the girl that tries out EVERYTHING as a night cream or weekly treatment. I consider myself a Beaudie (get it?! haha). Avocado, Yoghurt, Vitamin E pills, I have smeared it all on my face, neck and hair, I come with Beauty tips for you. After years of experience and trial and error on the skin care department, here are the ingredients I will keep using for years to come.

Isn’t it just awesome to have an afternoon for yourself and smear anything on your face and hair and feel that when you take it off somehow you’ll be glowing?

  1. Baking Soda: I exfoliate with this once or twice a week. It leaves my skin so smooth and over time, it reduces the appearance of dark spots. I use it EVERYWHERE instead of soap, try it! But please, don’t over-exfoliate.

And…I have gotten quite creative sometimes and I mix it with honey to make a mask/scrub. Result: baby smooth skin!

  1. Coconut Oil: I will swear by it. I apply it on my split ends, my scalp, I use it as night cream, makeup remover, tanning oil (for a very short time), hands and elbow moisturizer…just smear it all over.

And don’t use your “oily t-zone” as an excuse not to try it on your face. It actually balances out an oily face (at least it worked for me).

Aaaand…again, I have gotten creative with this. Mix the coconut oil with left over coffee bits and you get an awesome body scrub!

  1. Rose Water: You can get this is in Organic Stores. I switched my toner for this. And the smell is wonderful.
  2. Effervescent Aspirin: I’m not saying you should use both Baking Soda and this the same week. Don’t over exfoliate, BUT another awesome way to do it is with a little piece of this amazing secret beauty ingredient. It stings. I use it once a week and it feels like you have scrubbed off your sins!