The start of our 2016 was super productive and extremely exciting!

This January, SHEVA trained 441 girls and women on the use of internet and mobile technology. These trainings are part of SHEVA’s project called Weaving Networks. The ultimate purpose of this initiative is to teach girls about access to information through mobile technology (aka their smartphones) and for them to use these new sources of information to their advantage. We want all women to be connected with the world and to communicate with everyone who lives in it. During the workshops, we also promote entrepreneurship and the modernization of labor for their development, in effort to help them reach their full potential and become independent. Plus! There’s a big emphasis on internet and social media safety.

The workshops took place at different organizations with attendance of women and girls who range from 13  to 70  year olds.

For the first group we worked with 107 high school girls from Aldea El Carmen in Santa Catarina Pinula; the second workshop took us to a high school at  Aldea El Chato zona 18 to work with 95 girls; then we worked with the 18 women from Cafecito Urbano from zona 2; we also trained  88 highschool girls from Aldea El Pajón in San José Pinula; and for the last group we partnered with Patuguate to work with 133 women from Aldea El Pilar 1  from San Juan Sacatepéquez.
The trainings will continue through the rest of the year, so stay tuned to see more about Weaving Networks.


Cynthia and Isa doing a Weaving Networks Workshop

Photo by: David Cifuentes


smartphone on workshop facebook

Photo by: David Cifuentes


girls looking at smartphone in a workshop

Photo by: Isabel Cabarrús