+2000 women and girls trained!

This April SHEVA reached a milestone by teaching more than 2,000 women and girls the use of internet and mobile technology as part of SHEVA’s project called Weaving Networks.

April Workshops

This month, we implemented the workshops with boys also! We included men because we believe they should also join this movement and work together towards women empowerment.

The ultimate purpose of this initiative is to teach girls about access to information through mobile technology (aka their smartphones) and for them to use these new sources of information to their advantage. We want all women to be connected with the world and to communicate with everyone who lives in it, in effort to help them reach their full potential and become independent. Plus! There’s a big emphasis on internet and social media safety.

For the first groups we worked with Instituto PEMEM with 51 boys and 84 girls. We continued the partnership with U Yum Cap and trained 37 students from Colegio Jesús Resucitado and 25 from Escuela José María Vela. This month we started a partnership with the Supervisión Educativa Norte from the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and worked 165 students from Colegio Villa Real Zona 18,  47 students from EORM 603 Óscar de León Palacios, 95 students from EORM San Pascual 3, 48 students from EORM 590 Lo de Rodriguez, and 18 students from INEBTS El Buen Pastor. We also worked with all the public schools of zone 10 of Guatemala City, teaching 182 students from Escuela Concepción Saravia, Telesecundaria 10, and Escuela La República de Francia.  Also in April, we shared with 4 teachers from Colegio Jesús Resucitado and with 37 parents from Colegio El Universal Mixco.

Overall in April, 793 people received the Weaving Networks workshops.The trainings will continue through the rest of the year, so stay tuned to see more about Weaving Networks.

Mobile Tech with Boys in April