This month we started our partnership with the Guatemalan government’s project Escuelas Seguras. This program is all about making public schools better places, so that students have the best environment to learn and develop.

We spent two weeks at Instituto Normal para Señoritas Centroamérica (INCA), where we worked with 24 groups of girls for a total of 865 students. This adds up to 3,875 participants over 10 months of teaching the Weaving Networks program.

The purpose of these workshops it to teach women and girls how to access to information through mobile technology (aka their smartphones) and for them to use these new sources of information to their advantage. We want all women to be connected with the world and to communicate with everyone who lives in it, in effort to help them reach their full potential and become independent. Plus! There’s a big emphasis on self esteem and internet and social media safety.

The trainings will continue through the rest of the year, so stay tuned to see more about this wonderful project.

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