The accidental entrepreneur and intentional humanitarian is our QUEEN SHEVA of today. The big-hearted and world traveler: Lauren Bush Lauren.



Lauren Bush grew up in a family involved in public service and giving back was embedded in the family culture. (Yes, in case you were wondering, she is a Bush, as in related to the George Bushs who are former presidents)

When Lauren was young, her mom started a nonprofit to help homeless people and abused children, so she and her siblings were always going to homeless shelters and soup kitchens in the US to help out. And when she was a sophomore in college, she had the opportunity to travel around the world with the UN Food Program and saw the realities of hunger and poverty affecting the world’s population. When she got back from her UN Food Program tip, she had the idea to build the cost to feed a child for a year into a consumer product. With that idea in mind, the FEED bag was born.



Initially, Lauren designed the FEED bag to be a part of the UN Food Program, but when the first order came (500 bags for, the UN couldn’t be the seller of a product. Hence, FEED Projects was created in 2007. FEED Projects was added to the roster of social entrepreneurships and Lauren became an entrepreneur . So, for the past 9 years, the for profit company, has added a mix of consumer goods in the catalog to continue their mission of feeding the hungry. Plus, they also have the FEED Foundation to accept donations.


Today, they’ve delivered more than 94.8 million meals in countries like Haiti, Egypt, Syria, Kenya, Rwanda, the US and Guatemala through their 3 main partners: The UN Food Program, Unicef and Feeding America.

From bags to shirts to scarves, Lauren is feeding the world while being a kick ass entrepreneur. That is a leader in our book and we are proud to have her as our QUEEN SHEVA of today.

Not so Fun Fact:

805 Million people are food insecure, which means that they don’t know where their next meal is coming from.