A realistic artist with a surrealist undertone is our QUEEN SHEVA of today. The talented and colorful Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo was born in Mexico in 1907 and has always fought the good fight with her art and her beliefs. Although sometimes she bended the truth a little, starting with the year she was born. She always stated that she was born in 1910, because it was the year the Mexican Revolution started. She believed she was born in the new times of Mexico. Her country being one of her biggest loves.

Frida’s life was filled with obstacles that didn’t make her life easy. Starting with contracting polio at the age of 6 and then having a bus accident at 18. An accident that would make her suffer pain the rest of her life, from countless surgeries and being bedridden for months to several miscarriages and never being able to have a child.

Her personal experiences were the ignition of her career in the arts. Today, Frida is known as one of the most famous Mexican painters in the 20th century. And most of her painting has self-portraits in which she discusses several personal ordeals. Some call her a surrealist and some call her a realist. And most of them call her a feminist.

Her actions, throughout her life, would contradict conventional definitions of the genders as she identified as an individual, not male or female. She would wear colorful dresses, leave her unibrow and mustache, drink and have sexual affairs with both men and women, it’s said she even have a dark humor and liked to curse. She really didn’t care what others thought. It was her self expression and it showed in her art. And people notices, she had countless exhibitions around the world, and still to date.

Despite all her pain, physical and emotional, Frida stayed true to herself and would treat everyone as a family. Her truthfulness and artistic skills make her one talented QUEEN SHEVA.