My New Year’s resolutions list has been getting smaller every year, not because I am less ambitious or lazy. Actually, it’s because I have come to understand that most of what I wish to accomplish in 365 days fits into two categories: the ‘let it go’ one, and the ‘I need to’ one. The University of Scranton states that only 8% of Americans achieve their resolutions. I think this small percentage is due to the fact that we underestimate the willpower we need to achieve them. So my tip for this year’s goal is to think in the lines of these 2 categories and make sure they are meaningful to you.

This is how my list looks like…

On my ‘let it go’ list is:

1. I gained weight this year and it’s OK.

My favorite pair of jeans fit abnormally tight, but it’s OK. I won’t stop wearing them until they are absolutely destroyed, and for now I don’t want, neither need any diet to get them to fit as they did. I’m worth more than jeans size. I’m not encouraging an unhealthy lifestyle, I’m just saying love yourself in any size. I might need a bigger size, and it’s OK, or might just fit them perfectly in a couple of months, once the pot of Nutella is finished. So I’m letting it go. I’m getting over the obsession to look physically perfect. I’m not setting any weight related goals. I’ve been down that road too many times. Instead, this year I’m embracing the “there is more of me to love” saying (and plus it’s not even THAT much).

2. Toxic relationships.

Those are hard to let go, but it’s time. I want to be surrounded by positive and happy people. No one likes, neither needs, a bad energy around in their life. They take away too much with them, and give very little in return. I’m done with being a punching bag to someone. So this year, I am saying goodbye to those who make my life just a bit harder. Only good vibes, only good vibes.

On my ‘I need to’ category is:

3. Be nicer to the planet.

It requires some serious behavior changes, but they are worth it. This year, I am all about recycling, becoming vegetarian and reducing the amount of waste I produce. You can really see the effects of global warming in almost every country now. So far this year’s winter, in Belgium, has been non-existent. Temperatures about 10-15 °C higher that what they used to be. And in other countries, longer summers are causing drought, like the South African case where they have recently stated 5 of their 9 provinces in an emergency state  because of the lack of rain. Or stronger hurricanes like Patricia this year, which was the most intense Category 5 hurricane ever recorded. So I feel almost obliged to change my ways and contribute with whatever I can. I recommend everyone to watch ‘Cowspiracy’ and googling about buying BIO and Organic. Of course, it all depends on your circumstances, but every small change counts. Getting a permanent water bottle, to reduce the consumption of plastic or switching to a shampoo and conditioner bar, for the same reason. They all help the cause, so this year I’m on it!



Previous years I focused on making long lists of things I wanted rather than needed, or in changing myself to fit expectations rather than embracing who I am. And maybe, only maybe, that’s why I never get to accomplish all of them. I’m excited about sticking to these resolutions  this year, as they require a lot of will power, but they mean a lot to me and I really want to live a more positive and eco-friendly life.  So make sure this year you remember what is really important to you, and why, and just GO FOR IT! I believe a little bit of research makes a lot of things easier and simpler than they are (and if you want I can help you with that). Long story short, I just want to be a modern cool hippie.