Article by: Lisa Paredes

We just went through a full Moon time and as women it’s possible it didn’t go as normal as we would have expected, even if we didn’t realize it had anything to do with the Moon.

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There are a lot of stories and myths about effects the Moon has in us. The first and most popular ones are the werewolf stories, men going crazy and turning into wolves during the full Moon. When something out of the ordinary happens it’s common to hear the saying “it must be a full Moon”. Definitely the Moon has effects on everybody and mostly on women even if most of us don’t turn into crazy werewolves monsters (despite of what some men might think).

The Moon is a main force in our lives, it affects our emotions, our feminine side and our creativity. Just like the Moon changes we change too, we experience waves of emotions, energy and feelings. We, too, have phases, times when we feel different, maybe more sensitive. Women feel the connection to the Moon more deeply, experiencing its flow in a very physical way, through our menstrual cycle.

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Before this modern time existed, carrying to our lives stress and unbalanced diets, a woman’s natural cycle tuned in with the Moon cycle. Women bled with the full Moon, it was seen as a metaphor to clean and let go of all we don’t need. During a new Moon, it was the time to ovulate, to restart a cycle and create. Ancient populations ceased any activity during full Moon period as energy was unbalanced. When we listen to our bodies we get answers. Even if our cycles are not working with the Moon cycle anymore, we as women are still affected by it. The full Moon adds on to our sensitivity and energy and this period is still recommended to be a rest time. We may feel different, have trouble sleeping, get more anxious and be more sensitive. Though everyone is different our energy may be all over the place and we tend to be unaware of our bodies and our emotions.

As women we are always changing, our menstrual cycle is a physical proof of that. Some people may look at all these ups and downs as an unbalance and sometimes, even we ask the universe why do I have to feel everything so much? Vulnerability and emotions are often seen as a weak spot but what if we start considering them blessings? Regardless of the pain and sadness we may feel sometimes, we can see that everything is an opportunity to grow. Even if we don’t do it consciously, every heartbreak, every smile, every connection leaves a mark and a lesson in us. That’s why women are always changing, evolving, we are reborn with every emotion. There is nothing to be ashamed of in feeling everything so deeply. I would never wish to feel less, that’s how I know I’m alive. Emotions give me a sense of wonder, seeing the world with new eyes, like the moon that is reborn every month.

We can see the Moon cycles as a remembrance of our femininity and embrace the changes that come our way. Not just feeling them but considering them an opportunity to grow. Let’s follow the ancient traditions and feel connected to the Moon, taking advantages of its powerful forces and respecting them.

So the next full Moon what do you want to let go and be cleaned of to have a new beginning?


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