Behind the curves, the ripples, erogenous zones and the pressure points is us. We are women. We are women and are blessed with bodies no less spectacular than a mountainous landscape. No matter if you represent the tall, slender Pine trees growing fervently out of the stone and dirt at the top of the mountain or you represent the mountain itself and its wavy ridges, you are a work of art and a natural wonder.

Katia-Cerwin-Mexico |

Photo by: Katia CerwinArtwork: Unknown 

Our bodies are full of sexual energy, which is to be harnessed, for good (or for bad, when needed). And this sexual energy is nothing to be ashamed of or ever to be muzzled. It flows as organically as a raging river under the forest canopy: a natural phenomenon that cannot be stopped without being cut off its source.

But this river flows under the dense canopy of leaves and is therefore invisible to the eyes of the world, above. So it is your decision: let it be known that your youthful river flows rapidly, or remain hidden under the shady refuge until the leaves turn brown and fall to the ground. But, if I were you, I wouldn’t wait until winter- I would let the sunlight glisten through the canopy of the trees and down into my raging river- it’s fishes need some warmth, anyhow. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

While many men find it hard to hide their sexuality, letting it pop up just about anytime for the world to glean at, women can control their sexuality, using it to their benefit. You’re sexuality is an integral piece of who you are, but it is never what you are. The canopy of the trees is always there to protect you, and keep your sexuality under wraps, if you find yourself vulnerable or uncomfortable.

But there is nothing wrong with presenting the world the full human that you are- a sexual, powerful, and sexually-powerful female badass. You may not realize the power you hold, but there between the ridges of the mountains is a power granted to you from the moment you entered this world. Allow yourself to be made whole through self-respect, fearlessness and high regard for your hole.

With Love,

Mona Gene