Article by: Marcela Richardson

Before social media was the hit, we used to shape our perception of beauty out of movies, celebrities or magazines. Since social media became the medium to our exposure to the world, our definition of beauty has been influenced by the girls-next-door.

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A new study made by Dove found out that 82% of women think social media is influencing on how we define beauty today. The bad part: negative comments prevail most of the time. The good thing is that we are able to help influence on how beauty is defined in the years to come.

What if I told you, you do not have to be famous or have 20k followers on Instagram to make a positive impact on social media? Pay close attention to this study. In 2014 there were 8+ million negative tweets posted, and over 5 million were from women. 4 out of every 5 negative beauty tweets were from women talking about themselves. With this study in hands, Dove decided to launch a campaign named #speakbeautiful to encourage to talk beautiful to ourselves and others on social media. The reason: we are the only ones with the power to make social media a positive place. Dove has started a trend to pass on confidence, and this is how it works: compliment a friend by commenting on one of their photos using #speakbeautiful. Simple, right?


The outcome, not so simple. Imagine that with just a small input in the way we talk to others on social media we create a positive impact that embraces what makes human beings so beautiful- our diversity. This could be created if we show our appreciation towards the beauty standards of others and start accepting the uniqueness of all. We all have heard that true beauty comes from within, and this is the reason of this movement- to express ourselves from  our inner beauty which will then be reflected in a world where beauty is found anywhere. As the representatives of the #speakbeautiful campaign have remarked: ‘’it only takes one positive tweet to start a trend”. Are you ready to be part of the #speakbeautiful trend?

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