We are painting the town turquoise!

Or at least your nails.

Our friend Guille, the creative director and designer behind the brand GUiSHEM, is releasing a new Nail Lacquer Collection and including the color Turquoise. As in SHEVA’s color turquoise.

guishem nail polish collection

GUiSHEM Nail Lacquer 2016 Collection (on the right: SHEVA Turquoise)

What does this mean!?

GUiSHEM, a Guatemalan based brand with international presence, has always been a big believer in empowering women with their fashion. Their signature pattern cutting techniques and razor sharp silhouettes hint to a superhero like figure. So, it’s the perfect fit when they chose SHEVA to further their efforts to empower women. They will be donating 30% of the sales of each turquoise Nail Lacquer to SHEVA.

That means that for every 1 Nail Lacquer sold, 1 girl is empowered with access to information.

Guishem Sale equals 1 empowered girl


So, get your spring and summer nails ready and pre-order yours today because they are a limited edition!

As of today, May 9th, 2016 they are available for pre-order at guishem.com and will ship on May 18. That same day, they will be available for purchase immediately. So make sure you get yours because once they run out, they won’t make it anymore.

And if you are lucky enough to live in Guatemala, you can purchase them today at GUiSHEM’s Boutique at La Noria (10avenida 12-30 zona 14. Phone: 2367-2929)  and at GUiSHEM’s Studio (Km 13 Carretera a El Salvador, Condominio Villas del Campo Casa 24. Phone: 6626-9088)

GUiSHEM joins our list of friends who are joining this kick ass movement and we are overjoyed with what is happening in this world.

Purchase at Guishem.com



Check out some of his fantastic designs: