One of the key subjects we teach women and girls is Internet Security. So, when we heard that one of the Deputy Ministers of Technology was having a Technology and Violence Prevention Forum, we had to be there.

On March 16, the First Technology and Violence Prevention Forum took place in Guatemala led by Walter Girón (the fourth Deputy Minister of Technology in Guatemala) in an effort to search for young entrepreneurs who can bring forth innovative ideas towards battling violence in their communities around Guatemala. The goal of the forum was to provide a space for Guatemalans to present software, hardware, and any other type of technology,  that could be used in different projects dedicated to violence prevention.

Violence Prevention Technology Forum Guatemala


During the event, we heard inspiration words from the people of “Unidad para la Prevención Comunitaria de la Violencia (UPCV)” (Community Violence Prevention Unit), who go around communities teaching about how technology can improve the lives of young people. Plus, 4 members of the “Grupo de Liderazgo Juvenil” presented their projects that are currently implemented around the country.

Guatemala's Technology and Violence Prevention Forum


All in all, it was quite a gathering with many different ideas being shared and new friendships being made. You can count on us attending next year!