Guest Blogger: Bettie von Vartyoga-Vfarts |

As we know, most women have vaginas. And sometimes, when we make certain movements, or get into certain – lets say yoga – positions, air sneaks into our vaginas and hangs there for a while. But then, when we move again, the air comes out in a fartatious, and very embarrassing, way.

Well, today I was in Yoga class, and we were doing headstands. The class was full of guys, and I was the only girl, so needless to say, public humiliation was bound to happen. I should have seen it coming. When my vagina decided to let it rip, I tried not to be absolutely mortified because, as I said, sometimes they like to do that!

But I wanted to know just how common queefing is, and if there is any way to reduce the occurrences in public, quiet, spaces. This is what I found out:

Other names for Vaginal Flatulence are varts (vagina fart), queefs or fanny farts, and they’re actually really common, some girls can even do it at will! Most of the articles I found online talk about these puffy events happening during sex, but exercise and sudden movements cause them as well. What happens is that the vaginal walls expand, and a lot of air gets pulled in. When the air gets expelled, it causes that fart-like sound.

Dr. Oz says you can get rid of them doing lots of squats and Kegel exercises, because that can strengthen the pelvic muscles & help your vagina from expanding. Yogis recommend mula bandha; tightening the pelvic muscles. This not only prevents air from getting out, but in as well. It takes some practice and awareness to be able to hold it throughout the pose, but it’s actually recommended by yogis to improve your balance & strength in your inversions (headstands).

In conclusion, Kegels remain the most recommended solution for fanny farts, plus this vagexercise is also really good for better orgasms AND prevents incontinence when we’re older so, win-win-win!

I hope my very common, but no less embarrassing experience is helpful, at least, and I guess my advice is just to laugh it off and continue doing your favorite “yoga positions”.