Two life-long friends are embarking on an adventure to bike Guatemala’s toughest race: El Reto del Quetzal.

Ivo Ruest and Juan Diego Berger have known each other since kindergarten and this year, they are training together to race together a 300km race through the landscapes of Guatemala in 4 days.

The moment they both agreed to do it, they said that they wanted it to mean something too. So, they decided to “run for a cause” in this case, bike for a cause. And that cause is: SHEVA! We were thrilled when we got their call to announce their plans. So, they are on a mission to raise $8,000, which will be split the following way: 80% towards SHEVA and 20% will be used to cover their expenses for the race (for both of them).

Dynamic Duo: Ivo (left) and Juan Diego (Right)

Now, all they need is your support. Go to their Indiegogo campaign at and pledge your support by donating the amount you so desire… you might even get your company’s logo (or your name) on their shirts!

Here’s a video they created to explain what they are doing: (it’s in spanish)