Our partnership with Alessa Designs keeps growing with the new, and a third edition, of the SHEVA Bracelet. At SHEVA we are thrilled to have such wonderful friends who want to be part of empowering women and girls in Guatemala.

The bracelet is made of handwoven fine silk and gold over sterling silver and 15% of the sales goes towards SHEVA’s initiatives, like our Weaving Networks Workshops. It is because of the amazing human beings behind the brand Alessa Designs that our mission is fueled with love and energy. Here’s a sneak peek…

Alessa Designs Bracelet

Handwoven fine silk and sterling silver bracelet.


At the moment, it’s available at Alessa Designs Flagship store (zona 14) and Alessa Designs Boutique (Fontabella zona 10) in Guatemala. But hey, if you really, really (and we mean REALLY!) want it, maybe we could send it your way in case you are not in Guatemala.

This holiday season, give the gift that keeps on giving. Let’s all be part of empowering women and girls to better their future and the future of Guatemala.